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Hello! I am Eve, Illustrator and Kawaii Artist.

Illustrator, specialised in Kawaii Art based in London.

I am originally from the sunny Barcelona (Spain) but adopted in 2014 by the city of my dreams , the charismatic and beautiful London.

Ever since I have born I have always being strongly creative. Drawing traditional pencil portraits of my idols. Later I decided to follow my passion for arts as my career path.

I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia at the University of Barcelona but my passion was always Illustration. 

I have always been passionated about creating my own products so in 2011 I decided to start my own small business.

My art techniques have been always developing and improving to the latest technologies and new software.

As a Digital Artist and with all the experience I have gained through the years and I am now very comfortable with my actual style: the Kawaii Art.

Miss Little Eve

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Miss Little Eve | Kawaii Artist

Miss Little Eve | Kawaii Artist