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Miss Little Eve - Kawaii Artist

Hello there! And welcome to my Kawaii World!

If you have bumped into this first article, allow me to introduce myself:

I am Eve, illustrator and Kawaii Artist behind Miss Little Eve.

Miss Little Eve is the name of my small business and you are probably asking yourself…

Why Miss Little Eve?

Well, my partner has always called me ‘Lil’ Eve“ , so I thought it was cute ….and that’s what is all about here, the cuteness, isn’t? ;D

I started to draw at a very young age, I remember when I was at primary school I won a drawing contest and I still keeping that diploma like is gold! It’s so nostalgic!

Later when I was a teenager I started to draw portraits of my idols, some of them already Japanese, like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, Ranma 1/2 and more. That was my first contact with Japanese Art. XDD

When I started to draw Kawaii Art?

Well, I am very new to Kawaii Art, even I liked it long time ago but I never started to draw nothing in this kind of style until 2020. I did so many illustration before but I think I have never settled my style until now.

Miss Little Eve - Kawaii Artist

The transition from Adobe Illustrator to Procreate, was totally a game changer for my Illustration. I never felt so comfortable drawing like now. I don’t know why but with Adobe Illustrator I was feeling very limited. I know you can make amazing illustrations on Illustrator but for me it changed everything.

So from 2003 to 2020 I was using Adobe Illustrator, until I bought an iPad Pro in March 2020 ( yes, during the lockdown ;D )

After all this self introduction I want to invite you to follow me on my new Kawaii Art journey.

Which is the purpose of this blog?

My aim making this blog is to create a Kawaii Art community where I can share my experience I have gained through the years. Not only on Art related subjects, as well I would love to share my experience with my small business too.

I think we can learn so much from each other and I love to help other beginners artist as well. So that would be the purpose of this blog.

What kind of articles will you find on this blog?

Some of the subjects you will find on next articles will be:

  • Procreate tutorials
  • How to make stickers with Cricut ( Step by step )
  • Materials and Equipment I use in my small business
  • How to start your Etsy Shop
  • Tips to create an audience for your business
  • Instagram for your small business

and many more…

So that’s all for this first article! I hope you find it interesting and join with me.

Let’s connect and create!

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Thanks for reading!

Stay Safe!



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Miss Little Eve | Kawaii Artist

Miss Little Eve | Kawaii Artist